Delivery Policy

As a User of the Services, you understand and agree that Delivering Health’s Business Partners (i.e., couriers), will be delivering prescriptions that you order from the pharmacy of your choice to the address that you indicate in the Services. By using the Services, you agree that you or the recipient of the actual prescription(s) will be at the address you have requested the prescription(s) to be delivered to at the time the Business Partner arrives to deliver the prescription(s) for the purpose of accepting delivery of the prescription(s). You further understand and agree that if no one answers the door when the Business Partner arrives to deliver the prescriptions, the Business Partner may leave the prescription(s) unattended at that door. You understand and agree that once the prescription(s) are left at the door, the prescription(s) shall be deemed to have been delivered and all responsibility and care for such prescriptions shall have passed to the intended recipient. By checking the box, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree with this policy and shall be bound by this policy.